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Informatica Powercenter up and running in less than 30 minutes and yes it’s free (well free trial at least, with full PDF documentation)!

This is very simple and quick tip for everybody who wants to have Informatica Powercenter up and running in very short period of time and does not want to spend a dime. Yes all components are free and you are not breaking and license.

Take this as a very quick demo.

what you need

1. VMWare Player
2. MS Windows Server
3. Oracle Database
4. Informatica Server and Client

Here we go …

First, let’s start with VMWare. There are some other free options, I really like WMVare Player. It’s quick to install, very easy to use and Unity mode blows every other option away. You can get free VMWare Player here

After you install it, the second step is to download free 30 day evaluation of Windows 2003 server. After you download it, you can easily open it (click OPEN, not NEW instance and open WIN2K3R2EESP2.vmc) using VMWare Player – please note VMWare Player converts it to it’s own format (this conversion took around 30 seconds on my PC).

Now start VMWare with Windows Server 2003 (make sure you enable networking, it’s by default turned off in VMWare machine). After you login to the server using Administrator/Evaluation1 , download Oracle Database (download it from Windows 2003 server you just installed). The easiest way is to start with Oracle XE – it’s super easy to install it and you really don’t need to know much about oracle. You can get it here. The installation is painless, the only thing you need to set next to destination directory is password for sys.

After you install it, open web console and either create new user or enable SCOTT user – this user will be used by informatica repository and you need this ID during informatica installation. XE comes with easy to use web interface, it should take couple seconds to create new userid. You can of course use sql*plus

The last component is Informatica Powercenter. I’m not sure if Informatica offers demo version, but Oracle does. Wait, you said Oracle? That’s right. Back in the old days when Hyperion was standalone company they offered Informatica Powercenter as part of their Essbase server offer, they called it Hyperion Data Integration Management sometimes called as DIM. I’m a bit surprised Oracle still offer it. From what I can tell it’s really full blown Informatica Powercenter 8.1 with few cut-down features – you cannot run in parallel and you cannot use some of the drivers which come with Powercenter offered through Informatica. Download your copy here

The installation is very straightforward, when the setup asks for database location – select

database: ORACLE
host name:  localhost
USERID/PASWORD: whatever you created after you installed Oracle Database

grab your license key here

That’s pretty much it. The downloads of the software components can take some time (windows and informatica are pretty big), the actual installation is very quick and does not require more than couple reboots (one for VMWare, one for Windows 2003).

small note: it can happen that when you reboot Windows2003 server, Informatica services are not going to start. This is possible that it tries to start before OracleXE starts. The easiest way is to wait for all services to start, then restart OracleXE services and then start Informatica services (both have shortcut in START-PROGRAMS menu).

One additional note about Window vs Linux vs Solaris … Yes I prefer Oracle on Linux or Solaris, but let’s be honest, if you are doing it for the first time, you are going to spend quite a lot of time making sure all prerequirements are met. Installing XE on Windows is very quick and requires virtually no special setting.